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(1933, d. Wesley Ruggles)





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Restoration Credits

I’M NO ANGEL was restored in 4K by NBCUniversal Content Management at NBCUniversal StudioPost in collaboration with The Film Foundation. Special thanks to Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg for their consultation and guidance on the restoration of this film.


From the opening dance number where she vamps seductively behind a shimmering scarf, to the climactic courtroom scene where her wit captivates both judge and jury, I’M NO ANGEL is quintessential Mae West – sexy, smart, and thoroughly beguiling.  As Tira, a circus performer, she sings and dances, purring like the lions she tames. Her talent with the big cats leads Tira to New York high society, where she’s wooed by wealthy men, including co-star Cary Grant. Young, handsome and impeccably elegant, even he is no match for her on-screen charisma. With memorable lines like, “When I’m good, I’m very good – but when I’m bad, I’m better,” I’M NO ANGEL makes it abundantly clear why West remains one of Hollywood’s most inimitable legends.

Restoration Details

The digital restoration of I’M NO ANGEL was completed using a 35mm nitrate print as the primary picture source and the 35mm composite fine grain for select inserts in reels 1-4. The primary audio source was a 1933 optical track.

Running time: 87 minutes

Martin Scorsese on Film Preservation

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About The Film Foundation Restoration Screening Room

The Film Foundation (TFF), in partnership with DelphiQuest and Oracle Corporation, has created a virtual space to showcase its preservation/restoration program. Films restored with TFF support will be made available on the second Monday of each month, free of charge, for audiences to discover. The programming will feature a diverse range of restorations, from classics to avant-garde, independent, documentary and short films, from every era, genre, and region of the world. The monthly screenings will be presented through the DelphiQuest platform, available through your web browser, and will be accompanied by supplemental materials that focus on the restoration process and celebrate the collaborative nature of film preservation by highlighting the work of the foundation’s archive and studio partners. The Film Foundation Restoration Screening Room is supported by Oracle Corporation, which provides cloud storage and infrastructure capabilities. Learn more about the work of The Film Foundation.